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As a prospective client, you most-likely bring a set of ideals and expectations for your celebration. And while you have reason to be over-whelmed with details and budgets, do not under-estimate the driving force behind the success of your once-in-a-lifetime event. Entertainment.

Your celebration’s entertainment is vital in providing a distinctive setting for you and your guests, captivating guests during formalities and motivating them to participate openly throughout the celebration.

It requires experienced and skilled individual(s) to direct this type of live entertainment, given the disparate audience at hand. As a Master of Celebrations, our unequivocal expertise in showmanship is unrivaled.


Jason should be the first (and last) call you make when choosing your DJ!

Jason is the ultimate professional – he does his homework regarding the music he will play at your wedding, has the PERFECT voice (no cheese here), and is just plain fantastic. I have worked with Jason on many, many events – every one of them being different as he tailors each reception to the client. He does not turn on the music and go to auto pilot, he is always thinking and changing things up. Jason should be the first (and last) call you make when choosing your DJ! – Stephanie Lairson, Wedding Consultant

Everything about our collaborative consulting process speaks to success…

Jason was our second DJ interview. The first gave us the whole spiel, discussed pricing, then casually informed us that our wedding would be handled by his buddy (who wasn’t even present).
The bad start to a long day ended with our meeting with Jason, who was just as pleasant, accommodating, and professional as could be. It was as if we’d stepped out of a Chuck E. Cheese and into the calm, classic luxury of a Lawry’s. He calmed us, empathized with us, and assured us that he would be the one there on our day.
He spent HOURS getting to know us, our history, our expectations, and listened very intently to us while taking notes as we rambled on about the different types of music we wanted played during our wedding reception. Hiring Jason was the easiest of the many choices made for our wedding day. He was an excellent communicator and welcomed phone calls or e-mails whenever a new song popped into my frazzled brain.
During our reception, he kept our guests entertained without being the least bit “cheesy”- yes people, it can be done! His nice suit, smooth voice, perfect timing, and professional demeanor helped make the evening classy. We’ve been married close to a year-and-a-half, and still get compliments on the music, and how Jason handled the evening- no joke!
Jason represented us and our evening just as we wanted. It should be noted that if you are looking for a cheeseball, squeaky-voiced crazy man on the mic, Jason may not be your man. For all you others, you will be in extremely competent hands.

photo: Jimmy Cheng Photography
photo: Jimmy Cheng Photography
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Absolutely nothing more important than a true Master of Celebrations℠ on the best day of your life…

I cannot begin to explain how stressful planning for a wedding can get.  The decision to select a DJ is just one of a thousand decisions that you will be forced to make in such a short amount of time, and after our wedding on October 12, 2013 – I could not have been happier with our decision to hire Jason.

Our night was amazing, in large part to the natural ease in which Jason commands the microphone and in turn the crowd.  Our wedding had attendees ranging from toddlers to grandparents, and the selection of music suited all of them ideally.

We didn’t have a lot for him to go on, only that we wanted some classy tunes (think rat pack / jazz type), no gangnam style (sorry Psy) and that we wanted to avoid the goofy wedding dance songs like the plague.  From that, he was able to craft a wonderful night with music through our cocktail hour, emceeing the toasts, announcements and our first dance.

Jason really shines with how he handles the microphone, and in order to do so, he really paid great attention to detail during our conversations and meetings.  I interviewed several other DJ/entertainers along the way and didn’t get the same vibe from them during phone calls or in-person meetings that was present immediately with Jason.  From the first phone call, I knew that he was exactly what I was looking for.  My fiance (now wife) met him and completely agreed – we were both immediately at ease with him.

Overall, I would recommend Jason as THE best DJ/Emcee that my wife and I had ever seen/heard at a wedding, to date.  Since we’re both almost the last ones in our circles to get married, that’s saying a lot!Edward and Kristin

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A shining example of how our tenacious thirst for distinction and committment rule the day…

Elegant…Fun…Memorable! That was Pat & Frey… together with their playful dynamic as a couple, Frey’s adorable parents from India and the witty inclusion of Dr. Seuss in their ceremony…I’d say they truly have it all along with my heartfelt admiration. Now here’s what they had to say about me…

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We hired Jason to be the MC and DJ at our Rat Pack themed wedding and could not have been happier with our decision. From our very first interaction with Jason, it was clear that he was a cut above the other DJs we had spoken with- responsive, caring, and oh so very knowledgeable about music, which was the most important aspect of our big day for us. Throughout the planning process, Jason was always available to bounce timeline ideas off of, and even spent weeks secretly helping me figure out the perfect song for a surprise serenade. Jason really took the time to get to know my fiancé and I as a couple and to figure out our taste in music- and then delivered beyond our wildest expectations. From the perfectly timed music for our ceremony to the very last song, Jason lent the perfect touch of elegance, warmth and fun to our black tie affair, transitioning seamlessly between music from our live band and the pre-recorded numbers, toasts, family dance numbers and other events in our timeline and even inserting a special dance to my dad’s favorite song into our evening’s festivities. Looking back on the magical evening that Jason helped us create, my only regret is that I even bothered to hire a live band, because Jason’s warmth, enthusiasm and humor – and, of course, his phenomenal way with music- were the touches that made our evening most memorable.

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