Jason Michaels is not your average DJ. He was the best darn emcee at our wedding! Jason got all of our guests pumped up and willing to participate in our wedding games. Members of our family said that our wedding was the best summer wedding they have attended because we had exceptional entertainment. Our guests were riled up and laughing throughout most of the evening.

My husband and I had a multicultural wedding so Jason played Chinese music during our reception. Our guests were so impressed that Jason chose appropriate Chinese songs to play even though he didn’t understand the lyrics himself. Kudos to Jason for his research!

I also had a list LONG list of my favorite songs I forwarded to Jason before the wedding and I really appreciated that he played either all or most of the songs I loved. It means a lot to us when your DJ considers and decides to play the type of music you enjoy listening to although some songs may not be the norm at most weddings. My uncle recommended the chicken dance song to start the night off with dancing. Although Jason hesitated a bit when I mentioned it to him, he played the song and it was surprisingly a hit among our guests! Our family members and friends from the ages of 2 through 80 all hit the dance floor. We had an amazing fun time dancing with our guests and it was a moment we would never forget.

My husband and I met with Jason several times before our wedding. Each time we met with Jason, we knew that we had made the right choice in choosing a DJ to play music during our ceremony and reception. alders_photography_boxer_016$!x900 Jason has certainly contributed to our perfect wedding day! My husband and I couldn’t stop saying how happy we were with the outcome of our day! Jason Michaels is our favorite DJ and we absolutely recommend everyone to have him at your event!

We were both so honored to share our wedding day with you and wished we could give you more stars!!!