Jason was our second DJ interview. The first gave us the whole spiel, discussed pricing, then casually informed us that our wedding would be handled by his buddy (who wasn’t even present).
The bad start to a long day ended with our meeting with Jason, who was just as pleasant, accommodating, and professional as could be. It was as if we’d stepped out of a Chuck E. Cheese and into the calm, classic luxury of a Lawry’s. He calmed us, empathized with us, and assured us that he would be the one there on our day.
He spent HOURS getting to know us, our history, our expectations, and listened very intently to us while taking notes as we rambled on about the different types of music we wanted played during our wedding reception. Hiring Jason was the easiest of the many choices made for our wedding day. He was an excellent communicator and welcomed phone calls or e-mails whenever a new song popped into my frazzled brain.
During our reception, he kept our guests entertained without being the least bit “cheesy”- yes people, it can be done! His nice suit, smooth voice, perfect timing, and professional demeanor helped make the evening classy. We’ve been married close to a year-and-a-half, and still get compliments on the music, and how Jason handled the evening- no joke!
Jason represented us and our evening just as we wanted. It should be noted that if you are looking for a cheeseball, squeaky-voiced crazy man on the mic, Jason may not be your man. For all you others, you will be in extremely competent hands.

photo: Jimmy Cheng Photography
photo: Jimmy Cheng Photography