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June 2009

Jason Michaels offers his services to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer training event in Sherman Oaks


Committment to you: Wedding Ceremony Sound

I meet upwards of a hundred couples every year. When they come to me to book entertainment for their wedding reception I often find that they are ill-prepared in planning for their wedding ceremony sound.

I tell all my prospective clients that the biggest and most often heard complaint from your guests (family & friends) is they were unable to hear or understand the ceremony proceedings and most importantly…the vows. In a time where personalized wedding vows have become fairly common it is interesting to me that many couples choose to neglect the importance of good high quality sound during their ceremony especially when their ceremony is outdoors.

Based on the area of the wedding ceremony site, surrounding noise, and guest count I often recommend the use of two ‘lapel’ microphones (pictured) fitted to the officiant & groom (the brides vows are also ‘picked up’ due to the proximity & range of the two mics). Next I suggest using two-four high quality speakers (such as JBL or Mackie) again depending on the factors above. Complete this optimal setup with a DJ/engineer using a mixer (to control microphone volume and perhaps music as well).

Furthermore, be cautious when a venue offers their own equipment as often times their quality is lacking and the staff may be in-experienced at engineering high quality sound. Always check in with your DJ for a second opinion. 

sennheiser lapel sample

Committment to you: Member of the American Disc-Jockey Association

What is the American Disc Jockey Association?
The ADJA is an association of professional mobile entertainers. The mission of the American Disc Jockey Association is to encourage success for its members through continuous education, camaraderie, and networking. We believe that through involvement in this professional organization, DJ’s achieve more as a group than they can individually. The American Disc Jockey Association is an organization of professional Disc Jockeys.

Goals of the A.D.J.A.
The primary goal of The American Disc Jockey Association is to educate Disc Jockeys so that each member acts ethically and responsibly. We would also like to educate consumers on how to go about choosing a true professional Disc Jockey.

Association members have already invested their time and money to become a member. This indicates that each member is a serious business person. We are confident our members will provide you with the best possible entertainment for your affair.

Avoid entertainers lacking committment… Part 1

Avoid entertainers lacking committment… Part 2

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